Welcome to our AVIsrael website. Allow us to briefly introduce ourselves. AVIsrael (Registered Charity #580240802) is the only organization in Israel that offers the Auditory-Verbal Approach to the rehabilitation ofchildren with hearing loss and deafness to acquire normative spoken language and live as equals in the hearing world.
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AV Israel’s vision is that all children with hearing loss learn to listen,
to achieve spoken language on par with their typically
hearing peers and integrate as equals in regular
education and in the hearing world.

An Introduction to the AV Israel story

Imagine a time when there was no internet, no online access to information- and none in Hebrew.
At that time, on average children were diagnosed with hearing loss around the age of 5.
Picture children with hearing loss attending special education programs for children with hearing loss.
Cochlear implants were approved for children by the FDA in 1991 and made their way to Israel in the 90’s.

AV Israel was established by parents back in 1994, at the end of the 20th century, as an option for parents of children with hearing loss to choose the then alternative Auditory-Verbal approach to teaching their child with hearing loss to communicate through hearing and spoken language and live fully in the hearing world.

The story of AV Israelis a reflection of the rapid changes in the field of rehabilitation of children with hearing loss. How far we have come!

Since 2010, every baby born in hospital undergoes a universal hearing screening test to indicate if there is hearing loss. Within six months, the babies who failed the screening and are diagnosed with hearing loss are directed to receive the hearing technology to help them hear and begin to learn spoken language.

The Israeli Ministry of Health supports (pays for)
bilateral cochlear implantation for children with
severe-profound hearing loss.

Speech therapy for learning spoken language is supported by the health system. The Law of Inclusion was passed in 2002 allowing for children with special needs to choose to learn in the normative educational system and receive support services, albeit often not enough, for success.

For over 25 years, the AVIsrael team has helped hundreds of children with hearing loss of all degrees maximize their potentials to learn normative spoken language.

AV Israel has embraced parents whose children have been diagnosed with deafness and has given them the tools to help their children learn to communicate naturally- in the language of the home and neighborhood.

Over 95% of children born with hearing loss are born to parents with typical hearing. For these parents, spoken language is their natural mode of communication. The auditory-verbal approach supports the use of spoken language and encourages parents to continue to speak to their child with hearing loss- through meaningful and conscious conversation, using and maintaining the most advanced technologies like digital hearing aids and cochlear implants.

ילד עם שתל

Over one third of the children who have gone through our AV program have an additional disability beyond the hearing loss. AV intervention allows for these children to maximize their communication potential so that they can direct energies to their other challenges.
The Auditory Verbal approach is a family centered evidence based practice that is offered around the world and AV Israel is Israel’s only auditory verbal program. Our qualified staff of speech therapists and audiologists provide state of the art services- that maximize the technology to provide the best sound and cues for hearing. AV speech therapists across the country partner with the parents in the challenge of teaching children with hearing loss language. Parents are at the center of the program while the AV professionals guide and provide them with the tools necessary to carry language learning into the home.

The vast majority of children in an AV program attend regular educational frameworks where they learn from the peers and reach the markers that are set for all children.
Early diagnosis makes this possible as the gap between children with typical hearing and those with hearing loss is closing all of the time.

Today, as we enter the second decade of the 21st century, AV Israel provides families of children with hearing loss across the country the support and tools needed to help their children realize their potentials and become fully participating members of the hearing world. Our graduates can be met everywhere- in regular kindergartens and schools, in the IDF, in higher education, and in the work force. They are fully integrated into their community, speaking different languages and living their chosen path.

Let us introduce you to some of our graduates and to other parents who not so long ago set out on the journey upon which you are about to embark.

For Parents

Parents of children newly diagnosed with hearing loss feel lost when they get the news. We parents at AV Israel remember this feeling ourselves. There is a new vocabulary to be learned, new responsibilities, and new expectations. For many of us, this new reality means redefining our role as parents and trying to gather information and secure services for our child as quickly as possible.

For Professionals

The purpose of AV Israel is to be a resource for knowledge, training, research and learning, and developing the auditory-verbal approach in Israel as well as an education and rehabilitation framework providing services to children with hearing loss and their families.

The auditory verbal approach is an evidence based practice based on formal principles backed by research in the field of brain studies, language development, child development and family education.

סדנת הכשרת בשיטת AV - שמיעתית מילולית לקלינאי תקשורת

Our learning opportunities are offered on line and in person.

For more information, call us at 02-6730244 or online: info@avisrael.org

For Donors

AV Israel is an Israeli not for profit organization recognized for tax purposes by the Israeli government (Charity # 580240802). As an alternative program to the government recognized and sponsored programs, AV Israel depends heavily on philanthropy (in addition to income from services). All donations serve to subsidize our program to ensure that an AV approach is available to any family that desires such rehabilitation for their child with hearing loss.

ילדות עם חירשות - בטיפול שמיעתי מילולי - שומעות ומדברות

Over 30% of our children come to us with additional disabilities.
Our efforts help these children maximize their communication potentials.
By supporting our program, you are changing the lives of children with
hearing loss and allowing them to be all that they can be!

The majority of AV Graduates are living independently in the mainstream as creative and contributing Israeli citizens. By supporting our Auditory Verbal program, you are supporting the State of Israel as these graduates become contributing members of society and are not dependent on the welfare system.

Government recognized Tax Receipts are available for all donations to AV Israel.
For more information about our program,
Call 02-6730244 or contact us through email: info@avisrael.org

We would be happy to offer you more information in English over the phone or online.

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Your donation will allow more children with hearing loss to listen,
speak and live independent lives in the hearing world.
Toda Raba!

AVIsrael (registered Charity # 580240802) is recognized in Israel (46A) for tax deductible donations.

In addition, all donations are tax deductible in the US, Canada and the UK

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